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We know you're a good friend, and we want to reward you for it.

For every friend you invite to souqmarkazi.com, we'll give you the amount set by souqmarakzi.com as a referral amount per user in the dashboard. It pays to be good, so invite friends and family NOW and get rewarded.

How it works?

  • Step (1) Register in souqmarkazi.com and activate your account.
  • Step (2) Copy the referral link and paste it into compose email to be sent to desired recipient email address.
  • Step (3) Once the user has been successfully registered in souqmarkazi.com you will find him in your Verified invitees list.

Terms & Conditions

The referral campaign is valid for only new users on souqmarkazi.com and this amount is paid one time only for each paid user you invited and can not be repeated.

  1. By definition, New Users are individuals or companies who never registered with on souqmarkazi.com.
  2. The conditions will apply only for Paid Package user only, FREE users are excluded.
  3. The earned amount must reach the required minimum listed for the referral to be paid which is $50.00, any amount less than $50.00 will not be transferred, and you agree that you understand and agree this particular point before proceeding.
  4. The Referral campaign has a period of validity, please refer to the status of campaign to check if active or not.
  5. The referral campaign is available for some countries only; Please refer to the status of the campaign in your country to check if it is active or not.
  6. The referral campaign offer may be invalidated for accounts that have been flagged for suspicious activity or rule violations.
  7. If you earned an amount reached to the limit mentioned above, we will send you an AMAZON GIFT CARD with a value of $50.00 via your registered email address and you can use it within ONE YEAR maximum. (the gift card after send to you is subject to AMAZON Terms & Conditions only).
  8. If you didn’t use the gift card amount with the specified period time the amount will be waived, As well as the gift card.
  9. Any gift card send cannot be replaced even not used by beneficiary.
  10. By proceeding with the referral campaign, you agree to these Terms & Conditions.

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